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Acne Worsening Under Different Circumstances

There are certain things that can worsen acne. One of the things that worsen it is the female menstrual cycle. Already affected female or women with acne, tends to get worse, prior one or two weeks before the menstrual period begins. There are many scientists that concluded that, worsen the acne is due to hormonal changes taking place, when the female are women are going through the menstrual cycles. What female and women did during the menstrual period varies. Some of them eats chocolates, or other edible things that they desire during the menstrual period. They are speculating that the acne worsen because of eating chocolate. This is something that the skin specialists do not believe in. This is because experts believe that acne worsening is not something associated with eating chocolate. They believe, it is due to the hormonal changes. Anxiety and stress is among the things that worsen acne. Mental stress can also affect the levels of hormones.

These hormones also cover the cortisol and adrenaline. It is also possible for stress to can make people to binge-eat. Expert believe that culprit is the result of increased hormone levels, and is not associated with binge-eat. Climate is another thing that worsen the acne. The climate is one of the things that worsen acne infection. When being affected by the acne infection in hot and humid climates, then it is necessary to some safety precaution. This safety precautions could include taking shower as frequently as needed. In the hot and humid climate, it is very common to sweat more than normal. When sweating, then it potentially worsen the acne infection. The other thing potentially worsen acne is, the usage of oil based make up. It is understanding that the lotions and make up like, moisturizing creams, the lubricating lotions among other makeup with oily ingredients, these things increase the speed up of blocking the pores. Go to http://www.facingacne.com/proactiv-solution/ and find out other effective acne cure.

The greasy hair is also among the things that worsen acne. This is because, some hair products have greasy ingredients. This make it possible for these ingredients to take effect, and understood as oil-based makeup. Hair products like for example, cocoa butter or even the coconut butter are these greasy types of products. It is important to avoid squeezing pimples because it also worsen acne. When squeezing pimples, it makes the acne to likely worsen, and it will leave scars. It is important to avoid worsening acne.